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An Incredible Evening with Raven Social at Nightviews, Thompson Hotel Lobby Bar, Toronto

On June 10th Raven Social had the opportunity to provide Social Photo Booth services and plenty of FUN to the guests at the Nightviews event in Toronto, ON.

Hosted by Shannon Tebb, Founder of Shanny in the City ( and celebrating the Birthday of the beautiful Deb Lewis, Chief Experience Officer of City Events ( the Raven Social GIF Booth brought lots of laughs to event guests who continued to dance the night away, lined up over and over again to use the Raven booth.

Robin Cimitruk, Founder of Raven Social was in attendance. “What a great event at an awesome venue. The Thompson Hotel Lobby Bar was a fantastic location, hosts Shannon & Deb put on an outstanding party. The highlight of the night for me was seeing guests have a ton of fun with the Raven Social Photobooth.”

Another great event for the books! Don’t take Raven’s word for it – check out the highlight reel of our fav animated GIFS of the evening:

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