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Raven@The Fun Show With Cat&Nat

Raven had so much fun at The Fun Show with Cat & Nat! The first one ever is in the books.

In case you don’t know Cat & Nat, they are a pair of down to earth, honest and super funny Toronto moms who take their humour and Mom truths to the internet every day. Catherine and Natalie have seven kids between the two of them. From YouTube to Instagram, this high energy pair of Moms have a dedicated following who can’t wait to see what they have to share next!

The Fun Show with Cat & Nat was held November 9th at CBC’s iconic Glenn Gould Studio, 250 Front Street, Toronto. And Raven was along for the ride!

More than 300 of Cat & Nat’s loyal fans packed the Glenn Gould Studio for the inaugural event! And the show didn’t disappoint. It was a Cat and Nat brand variety show, filled with music, men, dancers and Cat and Nat’s humour, hijinks and fun! And Raven was there to capture it all!

What a great night full of fun! Thanks Cat and Nat for having Raven be part of the first of what’s sure to be many more Fun Shows!

Want to check out more of the fun that is Cat & Nat? Here is how to find them…

Cat & Nat

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